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X-stream Media understands the importance of getting maximum business value from your software, especially in today’s challenging and increasingly competitive economic environment. Currently, organizations are under intense pressure to develop high-quality software more quickly, making the risk associated with insufficient software quality greater. Effective software testing is one of the most powerful actions that an organization can take to control and minimize these risks. X-stream Media takes a proactive and structured approach to software testing, which enables organizations to detect and correct defects early in the process while gaining critical insight into software quality. By taking this ‘best approach based on best practice, organizations are able to make informed decisions about whether to put software into operation, and deliver more complex, high-quality software, faster and more cost effectively.

X-stream Media Software Testing service offerings:

  • test management;
  • test consultancy;
  • acceptance testing;
  • functional testing;
  • usability testing;
  • scripting.
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