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X-stream Media helps organizations to translate business strategies into results by improving the performance of their sales professionals. We will help you to accomplish these goals by educating your current sales force while turning your business goals into a practical strategic sales plan. The need of a strategic sales plan is crucial, as it is a barometer; it is a method of determining progress, and with that, overall success.

Sales representative needs to be aware of basic negotiation skills and need to have the ability to put them into practice. If your sales representatives can't close a sale effectively and profitably, your companies survival may be at stake. Allow sales professionals to experience the process of negotiation from both the seller's and the buyer's viewpoint. Giving away the "bottom" line to close an order, can have a serious impact on a supplier's profit. A bid needs to be carefully put together to provide room to maneuver during the negotiation process. The ultimate aim is a "win - win" situation where both supplier and customer arrive at a satisfying deal.

As we know there are important steps we need to take on the way, to maximize those revenues. All these items should become a matter of common good in your company and X-stream Media can help to gain awareness among your sales representatives! Experienced people acting in the field themselves are giving your sales force the necessary training and support. Special attention will be given to enable your sales force to:

  • know how to prepare for negotiation;
  • use negotiating principles consciously;
  • understand the stages of negotiation;
  • negotiate in parallel, not serially;
  • trade and cost concessions;
  • put together a profitable offer;
  • participate in realistic exercises and simulations;
  • know how to close negotiations creating  ‘win – win’ situations.

The ultimate objectives are:

  • to allow your business people to recognize and agree the current relationship and revenue levels with their customer(s) i.e. where do we stand now?
  • to understand where you want to go?
  • to build action plans to enable the movement from the ‘here and now’ to the ‘perfect state’;
  • to remove weaknesses, and exploit the strengths and improve your win loss ratios;
  • to maximize on real opportunities, rather than dreams;
  • to use a set of tools that can be applied, to provide a uniform view;
  • to allow consistency of approach across the entire sales organization;
  • to move from ‘another supplier’ status, to one of strategic partner.

Whether you are searching for the right sales training partner, or ways to enhance your own abilities, we are able to help.

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