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The Internet has emerged as a powerful medium for marketing and advertising. It is different from conventional advertising media in several respects:

  • the internet is not only a communication channel but also a transaction and distribution channel. Consumers can retrieve information, and make purchases and payments all through the Internet;
  • the Internet is by nature interactive. It is a two-way communication, with the Internet serving as a provider of customized content that meets the individual needs of the public;
  • the internet has the capacity for providing multimedia content. It can carry not only text and graphics but also audio and video content.
  • the Internet has become an integral part of the media mix for many advertisers, and new forms of advertising have filled the internet landscape, including animated banner ads, sponsor logos, interstitials, ‘advertorials’, and 3-D visualization.

The age of Internet marketing and promotion is no longer getting the few free placements available on search engines today. Companies can spend thousands of euros on promoting their services on the Internet and get nothing in return. X-stream Media offers several, affordable options to help you develop and implement a successful and effective on-line marketing strategy.

X-stream Media offers cost-effective internet advertising positions on the internet throughout her partners and strategic alliances, using a large diversity of mixed media channels:

  • banner positions on websites;
  • sponsor logos;
  • news letters advertising;
  • e-mail marketing;
  • sponsored links;
  • radio advertising;
  • consumer desktop applications;
  • search engine advertising.
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